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"Pan Am's Pacific Pioneers - The Rest of the Story" will fly you back in time to the mid-1930s, to those thrilling early days of aviation when Pan Am's "flying boats" succeeded in establishing mail and passenger flights across the Pacific.

Vintage photographs, souvenir flight covers, personal interviews and fascinating written accounts come together in Jon Krupnick's book to deliver a story of high drama and visual appeal.

If you love the romantic era of huge flying boats, if you are a history enthusiast who wants to know the rest of the story, and if you admire the accomplishments of Pan Am, then you will be enthralled by this 700-page pictorial history.

The book's foreword by singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett, owner of a flying boat himself, captures the significance of "Pan-Am's Pacific Pioneers": Click the forword image to the right or HERE to enlarge.

"Jon Krupnick's book gives us a wonderful glimpse into one of the great time periods in all of aviation...it is truly refreshing to be able to be taken back in time by the pages of a book."
From the forward by Jimmy Buffett Sing - Song Writer - Best Selling Author - Flying boat enthusiast

"If any book can be called complete, Krupnick's deserves that accolade...This volume is one of those rare cases when an avalanche of detail piles up to form a marvelously coherent and evocative whole." Island Magazine

"To call this volume the definitive work on Pan Am's Pacific pioneering flights seems inadequate. It is, by far, the most complete reference ever written about a fascinating time in aviation history." Airlines - Jon Proctor - Editor